Friday, January 02, 2009

Ghost Train

A first for me just now.

Traveled one stop on a train out in rural Buckinghamshire. I was the only passenger to get on, I was the only one to get off. Other than me the train was empty.


As the train continued on its merry way, I did wonder whether the driver was aware that he was there for his own pleasure...

Meanwhile, Chiltern Railways were featured extensively on this evening's main 10 o'clock news on the BBC. All the Chiltern trains and platforms shown were just as quiet as I have experienced all week (well- not quite as quiet as just now).

I guess it will be back to normal on Monday when everyone goes back to work and the usual drudge of commuting resumes.


James UK said...

Have you ever read "The Midnight Meat Train", by Clive Barker?

I bet not, as if you had, you'd have been pooping yourself as I would have been! Have a look at the link above for a synopsis and you'll see why!

Around here, when I drop Amber off at Chelmsford Station, the roads are swarming with people doing the same, but they too were deserted. I guess 90% of people must have been lucky enough to get the whole week off etc.

Central User said...

Somebody must have made up that synopsis, surely?

I don't think I'll be rushing off to Waterstones. I think ought to stick to the sea of tranquility that is rural Buckinghamshire!

James UK said...

It's a good story, but follows that typical idea that now the guy has "seen" what's going on, he has to "become" the next butcher, thus freeing up the old one.

Bit like when Will gets into the Tripod city, and takes over an old guy's job (just before the self same old guy stands on a pad and says "We thank the Tripods!" before being vaporised).