Monday, January 05, 2009

It's slippery out there

At present it's a chilly -3.7 C out in my part of the Chiltern Hills. I can vouch for the fact that local un-gritted roads, where the snow has been compacted by vehicles, are quite literally sheets of ice.

If you are driving or walking in the area (or indeed anywhere else experiencing similar conditions), please be very very careful as it is treacherous out there.

Edit: Tuesday morning, 06:30. It is now -7.8 C and has dropped 0.9 of a degree in the last half hour. Brrrrrrr.


James UK said...

Was -1 at 6:30am here in sunny Chelmsford this morning, and now around 0 degrees.

If you're interested, I just snapped a picture of the frozen-over River Chelmer which you can see here.

(It's a bit dark, and not a great snap, though)

Central User said...

Thanks. Weather watch is currently showing -9.8 C outside my window at present. I'm hoping for some wintry scenes this weekend, the next time I see daylight at home.

Don't take this the wrong way, but your picture leads me to a stated preference of the Chiltern Hills over a frozen Chelmsford!

James UK said...

My friend, I don't blame you! I'd rather be anywhere right now than Chelmsford!