Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's the little things that count

I mentioned last week that Chiltern Railways had started to read my blog. I am currently being visited every weekday and have had 52 specific page views in all.

Some blogs get masses of readers - I don't, and am grateful for each and every hit....

Now, I mentioned in my previous post that the Chiltern timetables on display at West Ruislip Central Line Station (it provides an interchange with the Chiltern Line) were out of date.

It may of course be a coincidence, but when I visited West Ruislip yesterday, the up-to-date timetables were on display. I shall of course take all the credit!

West Ruislip today yesterday, tomorrow The World.


James UK said...

That's great!

What you need to do now is to "suggest" something a bit more individual to see if that gets done so you can really tell if it is indeed the blog having an effect.


Ask for softer loo paper in the gents.

Free cheese and pickle roll for each season ticket holder on all journeys.

or how about requesting free surgical masks, for when people insist on coughing all over you with their filthy germs.

Central User said...

Hmmm. I think I'll try to keep things realistic.

I spoilt it tonight by asking for something at the Meet the Managers' event at High Wycombe.

Personally I think that free Fish & Chip suppers on the last Friday of the month would be good. It would probably annoy the heck out of the dinner party brigade from a couple of the posh stations. :)

James UK said...

That link just "404"'s, I'm afraid.

"The Dinner Party Brigade"... is that a group of rather "posh" commuters that get on? I'd love a description!

What a great idea! Fish and Chips would be wonderful, but we must insist on mushy peas too. That, or a traditional pie, mash and liquor!

Central User said...

Re the link; Chiltern have this really annoying habbit of deleting content after an event, rather than leaving as an archive. I've just searched the CR site using the term 'Wycombe' and the page appears in the results (at this moment in time), but as you say, the content has gone. Grrr.

The DPG is just my generic term (probably unfair) for the type who use two or three particular stations before High Wycombe.