Sunday, January 04, 2009

Shopping Trip

M & S High WycombeAs it is nearly Twelfth Night, I thought I ought to get the Christmas present my parents had promised (and which I had asked for).

I am much more M&S than Prada, but no joy yesterday at the M&S store in High Wycombe.

This afternoon I decided to venture a little further to the new Westfield shopping centre in West London. I did pay a brief visit before Christmas, but it was then too busy for my liking.

It appears to have settled down a little now, in terms of the crowds, and I managed to purchase the coat I was looking for in the unsurprisingly modern M&S. I also latched onto a ridiculously expensive ski suit in Ellis Brigham that I first saw at the London Ski Show a couple of months ago, but fortunately managed to keep my plastic firmly in my pocket for that.

Getting to Westfield was quite straight forward. A Chiltern Railways stopping service saw me change to the Central Line at West Ruislip and it was then plain sailing to White City. I arrived at White City only two minutes after my first train would have arrived at Marylebone, so it was definitely the best way to go. Returning home was the same trip in reverse.

Edit:Westfield transport links are shown here (click image):

**Eden photo by kingpin1055**


ALLAboard said...

Is Shepherds Bush station near to Westfield?
Once we get our new direct Train service from Milton Keynes at the end of Jan I was thinking about visiting that place.

James - All Aboard

Central User said...

Hi James - Yes it's right next to the South East entrance. I've added a map to this post. Regards,

James UK said...

What did you think of the new shopping centre? Range of shops? Layout? etc.

Central User said...

Overall pretty good. I only went into three shops and spent in one. Thjat is though just down to the way I shop.

For anyone who is into their shopping, it is a real destination. I have not been, to Bluewater, but I think it is a very similar concept.

The four 'cornerstone' stores can be seen on the plan.

James UK said...

OK, thanks for that. Will have to give it a try soon.