Friday, January 16, 2009

Packed to the gunnels

I walked up to Marylebone last night. Just after I had arrived I got a text message from tfl to say that there were severe delays on the Central Line due to a fire alert at Mile End.

There followed a sigh of relief that I had walked, and then I thought no more of it.

That was until my big train passed a Central Line train on the approach to South Ruislip. The tube train had large numbers of people standing and it looked very full.

Bearing in mind that South Ruislip is in Zone 5 and half an hour from central London on a good day, it must have been an unpleasant journey home last night for many thousands of people.

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James UK said...

Cattle-trucks, by the sound of it.

Awful thing to say, but one wonders just how many more accidents we need to have on the trains / tubes with large numbers of fatalities, before some real action is taken to stop overcrowding like that. :-(