Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Bumped into a fellow blogger on the way home tonight - he was working, so hope it's not too busy.

The big trains this week have been marvelously quiet. This morning my four carriages had a total of 14 people got off upon arrival at Marylebone. Not many more on the way home just now. The underground was pretty quiet as well.

I'm off to Abbots Langley now for a quiet, hopefully sedate dinner party, with bed thrown in as well. Result!

As another year bites the dust, this post marks the end of my third year of infrequent blogging - it also means that 2008 does not have the lowest number of posts. Yay!

Thank you for coming to read my meanderings, especially to those of you who take the trouble to comment.

May I wish you a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2009 brings you everything that you hope for.



James UK said...

How was the dinner?

Central User said...

The dinner and company were great thanks. Mind your, our hostess went down during the evening with a severe tummy upset, but it transpired to be the result of a meal out the night before and not her cooking! Phew.

James UK said...

That was lucky for you and the rest of the guests!

Out of idle interest, was it one of those "sit-com" moments when she suddenly got up, with perhaps a polite "excuse me", and then a few moments later, you all began to hear the most appalling flatulent noises from the direction of the bathroom along with the conversation slowly dying down as they reached a crescendo, before the host's husband quickly started a new topic of conversation at twice his normal volume?


Central User said...

You are nearly spot on! The trouble was it was the other end. It was really severe as I was awoken at 5.00 am to the sounds of the final instalment.

That's enough of that!

James UK said...

Yes, sorry... I shouldn't have brought it up...

(Couldn't resist that one!)