Thursday, January 29, 2009

The end of the line

We all like a tidy tube train.

The advent of two competing free evening newspapers in London has not helped the cause.

Where the Central Line terminates at West Ruislip, there are people employed to clear the trains of rubbish before they reverse and wend their way back into central London. During the evening peak they fight a losing battle as the trains are only sat in the platforms for a few mintes before they set off again on their return journey.

This pile of neatly stacked rubbish sacks is the result of the cleaners' work only part way through the evening peak. Mostly the contents were the aforementioned free newspapers.

I saw one train where the 'rear' cleaner only managed to get 1 1/2 carriages cleared before jumping out of the closing doors.

Helpful hint: If you are wanting to travel on a litter free train in the early evening, into London on the West Ruislip branch of the Central Line, travel in the back carriage.


James UK said...

I've seen in both those free papers there is "campaign" talk to try and get people to take them with them, rather than leave them behind.

I wish that technology would "catch up" to the point where we all have these blank "white" plastic sheets that we simply touch to a pad as we walk past it, and it instantly downloads that day's "Metro" ready for you to read.

Central User said...

I just have a real concern about what the freesheets do for the environment.

When a newspaper is paid for, the reader seems to become much more attached to it. I am sure that more paid papers end up in the recycling bin at home than freebies.