Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Maybe someone will sit up and take notice?

Cor blimey - I've been wittering on here for three years. I've got a small number of loyal readers, an even smaller number of regular commentators and the usual surprised visitors who've arrived by means of weird search engine terms.

I've made it now though - someone at Chiltern Railways has been having a jolly good read of this blog in the last few days. Now generally I am pretty good about Chiltern because, by and large, it is acknowledged that they are one of the best railway companies in the UK.

Hopefully this will mean that if I make constructive suggestions, my reader in Aylesbury will prod someone to take action. I don't rant too much.

Chiltern Railways found me by doing a 'blog search' for Chiltern Railways. I've always thought that this is good corporate practice for any Media or PR department. Also, it seems that they might have bookmarked me, so hopefully they'll be back.

Whoever you are - Welcome!

Optional test: The timetables on display outside the main tube station entrance at West Ruislip are out of date. Could you possibly arrange to have the new ones put up? Thank you.


James UK said...

Wow! Fame at last! Kind of reminds me of when Starbucks corporate were blocking Starbucks Gossip's website on their machines and then miraculously removed the block when pressure on the website grew.

Out of interest, what tool online/offline did you use to resolve the IP addresses etc.?

Seriously though, it's great to think someone there is reading the blog.

Central User said...

I use 'McAfee Security Center' as my Firewall and Virus Checker. It has a tool to resolve IP addresses.

BTW, another 12 pageloads from Chiltern today, including your comment!

James UK said...

Ah, thanks for that. Now you mention it, I think my Norton Firewall has something like that too. Thanks again.

Blimey, I hope Chiltern aren't targeting me now...!

*Peeps out between venetian blinds looking for MIB's in unmarked dark cars*