Sunday, May 26, 2013

Railway Children Special

There is a rather unusual railtour happening today down in my neck of the woods. Why unusual? Well it will be a train full of enthusiasts that will travel through Chiltern Railways depots, pass across unusual sets of points and will generally reach areas of track and infrastructure only usually ever seen by insiders.

It is hoped that the event will raise £10,000 - £12,500 for Railway Children with ticket sales, on board raffle and sales etc.

The train is being provided by Chiltern completely free of charge, the trains crews are donating their pay to The Railway Children and Network Rail are not charging for their work in planning and  running  the train etc. The whole day has been facilitated by the Branch Line Society.

Below is full detail of the Working Timetable for this unique, interesting and unusual trip. In Twitterland I occasionally use the hashtag "#traingeek". Well, looking at today's itinerary I think that today's trip possibly takes train enthusiasm to a new level. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I hope that a good day is had by all and that lots of money is raised for charity.

Tickets for this event have been sold in advance. If you don't have a special ticket, please do not attempt to board the train.

For operational reasons the timetable for today has been organised into  six different chunks. Hopefully live tracking will be available via the following links, which may act as a historical record just for a day or two.

The timetable data and Real Time Train data has all been extracted using the Real Time Trains web site.
  • 1Z21 (Starts from Maylebone at 1105)
  • 1Z65 (Starts from Gerrards Cross Siding at 1320)
  • 1Z66 (Starts from Aylesbury at 1500)
  • 1Z67 (Starts from Great Missenden at 1710)
  • 1Z68 (Starts from Aylesbury at 1733)
  • 1Z72 (Starts from Bicester North Turnback Siding at 1952)
Working Timetable Information for the Day

1Z21 1105 London Marylebone to Gerrards Cross Siding
Operated by CH

STP schedule UID U50894, identity 1Z21

Runs SuO on 26/05/2013 only

TSC 25217004

Unadvertised Express

WTT Working Realtime

Location Arr Dep Dep Dly

London Marylebone formed from 2H19 from Bicester North 1105 1105 RT
Marylebone Up Tunnel Sdgs 1108 1115

London Marylebone 1118 1125 1121 -4
Neasden South Jn pass 1133 1129 -4
Wembley Gcj pass 1135

Wembley Lmd 1137 1227 1220 -7
Wembley Stadium pass 1229 1223 -6
Wembley Siding 1231 1238 1240 2
Wembley Stadium pass 1240 1242 2
Neasden South Jn pass 1242 1243 1
Neasden South Jn Sig Me525 1243 1250

Neasden South Jn pass 1251 1247 -4
Wembley Stadium pass 1253 1252 -1
Sudbury & Harrow Road pass 1254

Sudbury Hill Harrow pass 1254

Northolt Park pass 1255

Northolt Park Jn pass 1257 1256 -1
South Ruislip pass 1258 1256 -2
West Ruislip 1301 1302 1259 -3
Denham pass 1305

Denham Golf Club pass 1306

Gerrards Cross pass 1309 1306 -3
Gerrards Cross Siding 1311


1Z65 1320 Gerrards Cross Siding to Aylesbury
STP schedule UID U50895, identity 1Z65

Runs SuO on 26/05/2013 only

TSC 25217004

Unadvertised Express

WTT Working Realtime

Location Arr Dep Dep Dly

Gerrards Cross Siding 1320 1320 RT
Gerrards Cross pass 1322 1322 RT
Denham Golf Club pass 1323

Denham pass 1324

West Ruislip 1328 1335 1336 1
Denham pass 1338

Denham Golf Club pass 1339

Gerrards Cross pass 1342 1342 RT
Seer Green pass 1344

Beaconsfield pass 1345

High Wycombe pass 1350 1349 -1
West Wycombe pass 1352

Saunderton pass 1355 1353 -2
Princes Risborough 1359 1400 1358 -2
Monks Risborough pass 1406

Little Kimble pass 1413 1410 -3
Aylesbury 1421


1Z66 1500 Aylesbury to Great Missenden

STP schedule UID U50898, identity 1Z66

Runs SuO on 26/05/2013 only

TSC 25217004

Unadvertised Express

This train started from Aylesbury due to a decision by the train operating company (TR)

WTT Working Realtime

Location Arr Dep Dep Dly

Aylesbury 1500

Aylesbury D.M.U. Depot 1505 1537

Aylesbury 1542 1542

Aylesbury (Sdgs 1-7) 1603 1610

Aylesbury 1613 1619

Aylesbury (Sdgs 1-7) 1622 1629

Aylesbury 1632 1633 1626 -7
Aylesbury North Loop 1637 1640 1639 -1
Aylesbury Sig Me302 1642 1649

Aylesbury 1652 1653 1650 -3
Stoke Mandeville pass 1657 1653 -4
Wendover pass 1659 1655 -4
Great Missenden 1704


1Z67 1710 Great Missenden to Aylesbury

STP schedule UID U50899, identity 1Z67

Runs SuO on 26/05/2013 only

TSC 25217004

Unadvertised Express

WTT Working Realtime

Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly

Great Missenden 1710
No report
Wendover pass 1718 pass 1710 -8
Stoke Mandeville pass 1720 pass 1714 -6
Aylesbury 1723

1Z68 1733 Aylesbury to Bicester North Turnback Sg
STP schedule UID U50896, identity 1Z68

Runs SuO on 26/05/2013 only

TSC 25217004

Unadvertised Express

WTT Working Realtime

Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly

Aylesbury 1733
1734 1
Little Kimble pass 1742 pass 1742 RT
Monks Risborough pass 1745 No report
Princes Risborough pass 1748 pass 1747 -1
Saunderton pass 1752 pass 1751 -1
West Wycombe pass 1755 No report
High Wycombe 1759 1805 1758 1801 -4
West Wycombe pass 1808 No report
Saunderton pass 1811 pass 1806 -5
Princes Risborough 1815 1816 1809 1812 -4
Princes R'boro Ace 1818 1841 1814 1847 6
Princes Risborough 1843 1848 N/R 1847 -1
Princes Risborough Me666 1850 1855 No report
Princes Risborough 1857 1909 1852 1906 -3
Haddenham & Thame Parkway pass 1915 pass 1910 -5
Blackthorne pass 1923 No report
Bicester North 1927 1927 1923 1923 -4
Bicester Signal Me2034 1929 1934 No report
Bicester North 1936 1941 1928 N/R -8
Bicester North Turnback Sg 1943

1Z72 1952 Bicester North Turnback Sg to London Marylebone
STP schedule UID U50897, identity 1Z72

Runs SuO on 26/05/2013 only

TSC 25217004

Unadvertised Express

WTT Working Realtime

Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly

Bicester North Turnback Sg 1952
1952 RT
Bicester North 1954 1955 1954 1956 1
Blackthorne pass 1958 No report
Haddenham & Thame Parkway 2007 2008 2006 2008 RT
Princes Risborough pass 2014 pass 2013 -1
Saunderton pass 2017 pass 2015 -2
West Wycombe pass 2019 No report
High Wycombe 2022 2023 2019 2021 -2
Beaconsfield 2029 2030 2027 2028 -2
Seer Green pass 2032 No report
Gerrards Cross 2036 2037 2034 2035 -2
Denham Golf Club pass 2039 No report
Denham pass 2039 No report
West Ruislip pass 2042 pass 2039 -3
South Ruislip pass 2044 pass 2040 -4
Northolt Park Jn pass 2044 No report
Northolt Park pass 2045 No report
Sudbury Hill Harrow pass 2046 No report
Sudbury & Harrow Road pass 2047 No report
Wembley Stadium pass 2049 pass 2044 -5
Neasden South Jn pass 2051 pass 2045 -6
London Marylebone 2059

Edit: While the formating is particularly rubbish, I have now (22:50) edited the WTT above to show what actually happened during the day. All data is drawn from an automated system, hence why some places have no data.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Edgware Road (Bakerloo Line) Station Closed until Late December 2013

To allow the rather antiquated lifts to be replaced, the Bakerloo Line's Edgware Road station is closed from today until late December (2013).

Passengers will be able to use Edgware Road (Circle/Hammersmith & City line) station which is a short walk away (on the other side of the Marylebone Flyover). Using the other station will enable connections with the Bakerloo line at Baker Street and Paddington.

Alternatively, Marylebone Station (which is about seven minutes walk away) is also on the Bakerloo Line.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

HS2 Tunnel Recommended under Ealing and Northolt

Back in the Summer of 2010 I wrote about the impact that HS2 would have on the Northolt area of West London. In particular, there was clearly going to be a huge impact on Northolt's Central Line station.

Well, I've only just noticed that the latest recommendation is that the route be tunnelled from Old Oak Common to Northolt. Given that it has already been decided to tunnel from Northolt Junction through to West Ruslip, this means that HS2 could now have a nine mile (14km) tunnel from Old Oak Common, all the way through to the very edge of London.

I can see why this might be the most cost effective option. It would be interesting to know how deep the tunnels will be. Clearly it's not just country folk who have been getting grumpy.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

National Mills Weekend 2013

Lots of people make themselves constantly busy doing interesting things. Many people don't, but deep down they know that it's probably not that difficult.

I often count myself in the second category. 

This weekend is National Mills Weekend. It does what it says on the tin! Go on, do some research and then take a trip out to do something interesting!

My local windmill is Lacey Green Windmill in Buckinghamshire. It is open tomorrow (12th May 2013) from 11am to 5pm. It is defienitely worth a visit if you are in the area. 

My 2011 visit report is at the end of this link (click and scroll down).

Have an enjoyable weekend!

Weather on Sunday 12th May 2013
At the time of writing, 8 pm on Saturday 11th May, the weather forecast for Sunday 12th May is not good.  A wind of 14 mph with gusts of 28 mph (Force 6) is forecast from 10 am to 1 pm.  Heavy rain is forecast from 2 pm until 7 pm.  It has therefore been decided, for the safety of the windmill, and those working on it, that we would be unwise to fit the sailcloths.  We may be able to let the wind turn the sails without the sailcloths.