Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So you got a new bag for Christmas...

I can see you got a new bag for Christmas. It looks as though it might have a laptop in it. It may only contain a few manky sandwiches, but I can't tell. Your bag is well attached to your shoulders. Up in the real world it is quite cold, so it may be helping to keep your back warm.

However, the Jubilee Line at Baker Street in the morning rush hour is not the place to be impersonating a camel. Take the bloody thing off your back and let some more people on the train.

Thank you.

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James UK said...


Don't you just hate that? Or the "greens" who always wear a HUUUUGGGEEEE rucksack, along with their pac-a-mac, glasses, sandals, unkept beard etc.

(NB. I'm a keen recycler, and wish to point out I have nothing against being "green" and am all for it, actually)