Sunday, January 11, 2009

AVP - Part 2

On a Sunday, some of the Chiltern Railways' train connections in Aylesbury are so bad, that I didn't lose any time today by visiting the building site again. I ended up on the same train that I would have done if I hadn't made the effort.

I bought myself a new camera yesterday - the picture above shows the TTTs, the waiting room, ticket office, shop and (surprise surprise) the car park. I'm quite pleased because it's actually four pictures that some software that came with the camera has automatically stitched together into a panorama shot. Granted, a mountain top panorama would have been nicer, but I was in Aylesbury. Anyhow, at least I know the system works.

It was considerably warmer today, but the toilets were still dis-functional. I suspect that it may be a day or two before this sign can be taken down.

The next picture shows the location of the two thrones in relation to the rest of the thriving metropolis, with the new station building growing in the background. Even once the arctic tundra has given way to spring and the facilities become available to use, I suspect all around will know precisely where you have gone. No secret ablutions here. That's enough toilet talk....

Naturally, AVP wouldn't be a train station unless it had trains. It can only ever have one at a time.

Two things to note:
  1. As has been noted elsewhere the dot matrix at the front of the train simply said 'AVP', and
  2. It was another Ghost Train.
One final observation. It can be deduced from the number of regimented lamp-posts beyond the emerging station building, as seen in this last picture, that the car park will eventually be much larger than is currently the case.

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James UK said...

Thanks for the additional snaps. Interesting!