Saturday, January 02, 2010

Retrospective Number 4 - The Faroe Islands

August 2002 saw me on a brief walking holiday in the Faroe Islands, an autonomous province of Denmark and located in the North Atlantic roughly half-way between Norway and Iceland.

The tourist season is short - only about six weeks long. Partly because of the weather and partly because the population and infrastructure is such that it makes sense to concentrate on using school buses and student accommodation during the school summer holidays.

I refer to the first picture as my 'Floating Island' shot. It is a picture of the island of Fugloy, the eastern-most of the Faroe Islands. I never did get there.

This second picture is of the harbour at Gjogv, a small settlement in the north of the islands.

Edit: I have just remembered that I have previously shared another picture of Gjogv,

The most memorable thing about the Faroes, for me, is how remarkably photogenic the landscape is. If you are lucky enough to visit the islands in good weather, the landscapes are stunning and the walking not too challenging.

Traveling by road often includes using tunnels (an integral part of the limited transport infrastructure), a half-adventurous tourist will certainly make use of ferries and the flight in to Vagar Airport can best be described as interesting! The airport is built on the only piece of land in the Faroe Islands that is flat enough.

The final picture in this episode of my self-indulgent retrospective shows me stood on a cliff on the island of Vidoy with Fugloy & Svinoy behind.

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