Monday, January 11, 2010

What a smart move

After several Millennia in charge of the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Terry Wogan may well have been sat ready to choke on his cornflakes this morning as his successor to the slot started at 7.00 am.

Much has been written about each of Sir Terry and Mr Evans and, in particular, the suitability of the latter to take over the former's broadcasting slot.

It was therefore very clever that the first thing Chris did was to welcome veteran newsreader Moira Stuart back to the BBC, neatly deflecting attention away from him.

Ms Stuart is a national treasure and will be brilliant. Chris Evans seemed pretty good as well. No one should be surprised. He is a highly experienced middle aged broadcaster, used to having 6 million people tune in to his old tea time drive time show.

Good luck to the new team.

Chiltern Railways are running their normal militarily precise service this morning. The small amount of overnight snow seems to be causing a few slight problems for the Metropolitan Line, but other than that, the London Underground is currently running well.

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