Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preparing for the weather

Nowadays, there are lots of different sources of information for the weather forecast.

Generally I think the forecasts on BBC Television channels are pretty good.

During the current inclement weather I have come to base a lot of my actions on the Severe Weather Warning pages of the Met Office website.

They consist of four colours:
  • Green - Behave as normal
  • Yellow - Behave as normal, make sure I am wearing a coat
  • Orange - Whatever happens, it's quite likely I will notice the weather
  • Red - Eeek. Could be a problem. Don't go to the supermarket, because the locusts will have beaten me to it
I must stress that these are my own interpretations. You may need to adapt to a slightly different scenario. I can walk to my local train station and Chiltern Railways seem to be unable to contemplate me not getting to work, so I go.

Except for today, because I had a day of pre-booked leave, just because we are approaching the end of the holiday year. Use it or lose it!

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