Thursday, January 07, 2010

West Ruislip in the Snow and Ice

West Ruislip is at the western end of the Central Line and is also served by Chiltern Railways.

The published plans for today, (Emergency Timetable due to weather, 7 January 2010) state that Chiltern Railways will not stop at the station (on the way to London ONLY) but that additional trains will stop at South Ruislip.

This will be a bit of a nuisance for a relatively small number of passengers. However further research makes it a sensible course of action.

The London bound platform at West Ruislip is built in the manner of a passing loop - only trains due to stop there actually use the line - all through trains whizz down the fast middle line.

By removing the need to use the points, a significant risk of mechanical failure is eradicated. Quite sensible really.

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Anonymous said...

Hi CU,

Yes - that's the reason why we have done that. Sorry it's a nuisance. But, we hope you are getting in ok.

Emma Gascoigne
PR Executive
Chiltern Railways