Monday, May 11, 2009

Too much noise?

I was on the Southbound Northern Line platform at Leicester Square, this morning, for about 2 minutes.

During that time there were seven announcements over the PA system. All a bit much really.


Anonymous said...

And how many of them were actually vaguely useful?

Heliomass said...

You tend to filter them out after a while, and then it becomes background noise (unless of course you hear the words "Picadilly", "delays" and "severe" within a few seconds of each other ;)

James UK said...

This is another problem for me too. I've blogged myself about "muzak" and noise pollution in the past, and funnily enough, in Starbucks last Saturday morning @ 07:45am, one of the people in there actually felt he had to move because the noise where he was sitting was "like a club there!", he said.

Who wants thumping dance music on loud at 7am, when you're trying to have a reasonably quiet cup of coffee?!

"The Third Place" my arse!

Central User said...

From memory, I think one was useful ("If you are going to Morden, get on this train and change at Kennington"), the rest were the usual claptrap.

As a general rule I think there should be a gap of at least a minute between any 'standard' automated announcements.