Monday, May 18, 2009

Live blogging on the Underground doesn't work

First of all, you have to follow up disruption news - for a sporadic blogger this is a pain.

Secondly, most of the stuff that matters to people happens, by definition, underground. This means that Live Blogging isn't live at all as only a tiny proportion of the stations with platforms below street level have effective mobile coverage.

Thirdly, the tfl website is far better at it than me.

Lastly, it is really boring to read!

BTW The Jubilee Line wasn't too bad just now. Two minutes and eight minutes till the next Westbound trains from Canary Wharf does indeed count as 'minor' delays at this time of day.


James UK said...

Did I read somewhere that LU were going to rollout mobile 'phone access across the network soon?

Shame as the tube was the one place you could escape the mindless "Hi, I'm on the *insert transport-type here*!!" chatter.

I was even on the log flume at Chessington World of Adventures, and the guy in the front of the "log" rang someone and said "Guess where I am? On dat log ride at Chesserton [sic]"FFS! ;-)

Central User said...

Hi James, yes, you read it here!