Wednesday, May 06, 2009

PR Fluff

Transport for London put out a Press Release yesterday titled "Customers benefit from new Piccadilly line timetable". What a load of Public Relations rubbish.
"The Piccadilly line is unique because it serves the heart of the West End's tourist and entertainment districts as well as Heathrow Airport."
  • Yes..... and??? The Central Line is unique because it serves Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road. The Circle Line is unique because it goes round in a circle (for now). The Victoria Line is unique because.........
"Changes were made to the timetable in 2008"
  • So why put a press release out in the middle of 2009?
"In recent years, rising passenger numbers have meant that trains have to stop at stations for longer while extra customers get on and off trains, leading to an increasing level of late running and delay."
  • Doesn't this happen on every line?
Talk about useless piffle. I could go on, but I won't.

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Underground Gal said...

Regarding the 2008/2009 thing - the timetable changed in October last year (and also in January last year for T5, I think!), but we have another new one starting this Sunday.