Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hmmm... What should I have done?

Walking down Sherwood Street just now (16.45), to catch a Bakerloo Line train from Piccadilly Circus.

Saw a bike locked to a lamp post with one of those 'U' / 'D' shaped locks.

Pasty faced thin man walks up, lifts lock up over saddle, gets on bike and rides away leaving lock in situ.

Have I just see a bike being nicked?

Other than making 'firm' eye contact, I did nothing. No time to take picture with phone before there was but a red sweatshirt cycling away in the distance.

What should I have done?


James UK said...


Like you, I wish there was more one could do...

if you ring 999, they won't be interested in sending someone... ditto Crimestoppers etc.

if you tried to tackle the guy, not only to you risk retaliation, but he may have sued you for "assault" or some other crazy law that gives the criminals more rights than the innocent parties in cases like this.

I suppose it might have been worth telling the station supervisor, if such a thing exists, and giving a description of the person, in the hope he/she will then submit it to the Police, but these days, there hardly seems much point in doing anything like this anymore. No one cares, or will follow it up... :-(

Central User said...

Thanks James - makes me feel a little better. Makes my blood boil!

bugman said...

I wonder why the owner of the bike chose to secure it in such an insecure way? Did they not realise that if you lock your bike to a rail and your D doesn't go through an area of metal that can't be looped over, it's not secure?

If the owner was that thick, he learned a lesson.