Sunday, May 06, 2007

Steam Trains (Again)

Last April I may have unwittingly managed to pass myself off as a train enthusiast, when I blogged about steam trains running on Chiltern Railways out of London Marylebone.

Well, yesterday they were at it again, this time with a train running all the way from Birmingham to London in the morning and then back again in the evening.

The locomotive was the Rood Ashton Hall and this picture shows it speeding through Northolt Park Station at 12.05pm yesterday afternoon. Quite a few people had gathered to see the unusual sight. The train was traveling relatively slowly as it was following straight on behind two Chiltern Railways normal service trains.

I do not know much about steam trains, but further information about this particular locomotive may be found here.

Unfortunately I turned into a fairly incompetent photographer in the afternoon, so this second picture (taken at 17.30 at Denham station) is the best I can do showing the train on its evening return trip to Birmingham.

Chiltern Railways have quickly updated their website with further information.

Personally I am more interested in the infrastructure of the railways than the trains themselves. It is however hard for me not to be enthusiastic and nostalgic about the steam era.

If anybody knows how or where the engine was turned around while in London, please share the information, thanks! I am thinking either Croxley or Greenford, but both are a bit of a trek out of Marylebone.

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