Friday, April 27, 2007

What's Going On With The Central Line?

I am conscious that, despite the title of the blog, the Central Line hardly gets a mention nowadays.

The reason for this is that generally I go to the station, I get on a train, the train takes me to where it is supposed to and I then get off.

If everything worked like that, all would be well with the world. Recently, that is how the Central Line has been behaving for me, hence the shortage of posts about the tube's longest line.

Crikey... I've really messed things up now haven't I?


totallyun-pc said...

You should try the bloody district line mate... your fingers will drop off with your insessant blogging on the disaster thats is... the crime line!

Central User said...

Thanks! Given a choice of a nightmare journey to work or something interesting to blog about... I know which I would prefer.

Maybe something 'interesting' will develop over the weekend as we have three days of engineering work to cope with out West.


Anonymous said...

The Central won an award recently for being uber-reliable!

I work on the Jubilee, and that it is pretty good.

Blue Soup said...

I agree with totallyun-pc, although I have discovered lately that my ranting of SWT (and the reason I started blogging in the first place) is a rare occurance now. I prefer to speculate about falling wildly in love with my fellow passengers... anything to pass the time... ho hum.

Jubilee line is pretty reliable. I like it. Although when it is screwed it doesn't do it by halves!