Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time to Come Clean

I have a confession to make.

Due to something else that is happening in my life, I now have a car.

It is nearly new, it is not too flash and for those of you who ask such things, it is black.

I have not owned a car for over seven years. I drove my previous vehicle to the scrapyard and have only occasionally wished I still had one. I live in suburbia, I work in central London, I have an annual travelcard and tended to use public transport all the time. My nearest Central Line station is two minutes from where I live.

Now I still use public transport most of the time, use the car sometimes and think of the changes to my life that are on the way. I will still never drive into central London.

This is why blogging about public transport has dipped recently. Sorry.

1 comment:

GirlNextDoor said...

Nobody with a brain would choose of their own free will to drive in Cetral London, doesn't make sense when you consider the charge & parking costs. Then again, why would anybody want to cycle in London?! But they still do!
Good blog by the way, missing London & this reminds me of it :o)