Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Poor Man's Sat Nav

Very occasionally I go to Chesham. About once a year.

Chesham is stuck way out at the end of the Metropolitan Line on a spur that has a shuttle train. I have always gone there by train.

Now, I do not have Sat Nav. At present I do not even own a road atlas (this will have to change). For now I tend to research my new found driving freedom using either Google Maps or Multimap. Com. Both are pretty good and I like them.

Recently I had to go to Chesham and this extract of the directions from Google Maps is centred on a left hand turn from 5 Acres into Trapp's Lane. The trouble was, following the route to the letter, I couldn't find where to turn left into Trapp's Lane. The reason- Trapp's Lane is a small footpath (a lane) totally unsuitable for driving a car down.

Three weeks into having a car and I go wrong due to over reliance on technology. Do you think I'll be allowed a Sat Nav when I grow up? Google has obviously provided me with the poor man's version.

By the way, however hard I try, I cannot get Multimap to suggest I make the same mistake.


Station Supervisor said...

I recently tried to put my post code to my nearest station at home into RAC Route finder and was sent the long way round instead of the direct route I normal.

Station Supervisor said...