Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And the wind down begins....

Well, the Underground was particularly quiet this morning.

My 'big train' to rural Buckinghamshire (en-route to Birmingham), mid-afternoon, was packed to the gunnels.

A very Happy Christmas to my reader.

Chiltern Railways are running to a special timetable over Christmas and New Year, with no trains whatsoever on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. A copy is available to download here (walk to your manned Chiltern station if on dial-up).

London Transport Christmas and New Year travel arrangements are still available here.


James UK said...

/QUOTE "A very Happy Christmas to my reader."

And the same to your goodself, Sir! (assuming it is me!)

I hope you made it safe and sound and are at this very moment enjoying a nice Sainsbury's puff-pastry mince pie or two.


mjw4849 said...

This comment is proof that it should definitely be 'readers' as you've now got at least 2 ;)

Happy Christmas fella :)