Sunday, June 03, 2007

Along the Central Line? Only a Little Bit...

After a few teasing hints and 18 1/2 years living in West London, I've gone and done it.

Yes... I've moved to the country.

It will take me about 25 minutes longer to get to work. I will still use the Central Line most days (so this blog's name shouldn't be changing) and my Annual Travelcard now costs an enormous amount of money.

There is a downside, from an underground perspective, in that I no longer have an Oystercard. Because I now live way outside the Travelcard Zones, my season ticket has reverted to to old fashioned cardboard variety. You know the ones- they get bent, thumbed and dogeared. They also react violently to the close proximity of mobile phones or laptop computers, which will inevitably lead to bi-monthly visits to the ticket office to get said worn ticket replaced.

Despite the Big Brother overtones I have always been an Oystercard fan. Please don't tut at me too much while I fumble to extract my ticket from it's natty little folder and then watch as it takes an extra few nano-seconds to feed through the ticket barrier.

Lots of good things about the countryside to bore you with coming up.

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