Saturday, June 30, 2007

I am not a weather professional

My postings currently have a bit of a rarity value. This month not only have my musings had almost the same scarcity as elephants in Iceland, but I clearly talk rubbish as well.

I previously said 'Hot, Hot Hot!' and then waffled on about carrying water on the Underground. Since then the UK seems to have entered monsoon season. In the South East we have had nothing like the bad weather or floods seen in South Yorkshire or Worcestershire but it has still been rather wet.

A short sharp thunderstorm last week led to a two foot flood at the bottom of my road (an excuse to go to the pub) and there has certainly been little opportunity to mow the lawn in the last few days.

I do not work for the Met Office (ie don't listen to me) but the current weather warnings even creep into the South East of England. You have been warned!

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