Monday, June 11, 2007

Anyone for The Zoo?

London Zoo is in Regent's Park, but apparently the closest underground station is Camden Town. I've learnt something this evening!

Anyhow, after a possible slight blip today, it seems that Regent's Park underground station is to re-open at Noon tomorrow (12th June) after being closed for about a year for refurbishment. For those who don't know, it is on the Brown (Bakerloo) Line. [Edit (13June): Apparently Regent's Park reopened at about 17:20 today, 13th June 2007]

The bright shiny new tiles look good and thankfully they seem to have kept the 'old fashioned' look. I seem to recall that new lifts were being installed- usually an interesting time follows such an event.

The Live Departure Boards have remained alive and kicking. Hurrah for Regent's Park and 2 minutes more traveling time per day restored to my commute.

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