Sunday, April 22, 2007

Why people don't travel by train...

I received a call the other evening inviting me to join some of my family in Newquay towards the end of August. The apartment we use is fantastic. It overlooks Fistral Beach, is owned by a family member and is just SO convenient.

The only problem I have is that I may have to be up in Edinburgh again, for work, over the bank holiday weekend. I don't mind- I just need somebody to tell me whether I am going to Bonnie Scotland or not.

The reality is I shall probably spend a few days in Cornwall either immediately before I go to Scotland or immediately after the weekend. At the risk of alienating any tree huggers, my transport of choice between Edinburgh and Newquay (whichever way) is to fly with Flybe.
  • Flying (booking at this moment) would cost £45 and the journey door to door would take about four hours.
  • Going by train (on the quickest route available) will cost, so far as I can tell, about £141 and take just under 11 hours, with two changes on the way.
  • I can't book a train journey because it is more than three months until the end of August.
Now I accept that Newquay to Edinburgh is probably one of the few routes in the UK where it is absolutely more convenient to fly, but given my research this afternoon, it isn't really any surprise that people chose to fly.

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londongirl said...

Oh god don't take the train. I know your carbon footprint blah blah would be better but it's a killer of a journey and at least one of the journeys is guaranteed to be delayed and you'll miss the next one.

Book it now. Cornwall is FAB.