Monday, April 09, 2007

Whoops! I spoke too soon about Chiltern Railways

Yesterday I mentioned that Chiltern Railways ran a good service. Unfortunately today (Monday 9th April 2007) Chiltern Railways are suffering a major signal failure in the Princes Risborough/ High Wycombe area.

A special emergency timetable has been put in place, details of which are shown below.

If you intend to travel with Chiltern Railways today, I recommend that you check their website for the up-to-date position. Due to engineering works over the holiday period on the West Coast Main Line from London Euston, Chiltern are supposed to be taking the strain for passengers traveling between Birmingham and London (into Marylebone), so this is not good news.


Anonymous said...

If you have a complaint about Chiltern Railways, please visit You can then post complete details of your complaint.

Central User said...

Hmmm... strange how the above comment appears several months after the event. While I may sometimes have a bleat about particular problems, this particular post was written more in the manner of a Public Service Announcement.

Personally I am a real fan (sad, I know) of Chiltern Railways. I am perfectly capable of having my own direct correspondence with them.

As someone who pays Chiltern Railways over £3,000 a year to travel to work, why would I complain through a previously unknown website? At the time of posting this comment the commenting site had received a grand total of 74 complaints involving three Train Operating Companies, none of which are the company with which I have a direct customer relationship.