Monday, November 22, 2010

Up In The Trees

Today a few of us went to experience the 'Hanging Bridges' tree-top canopy walk at Selvatura, about 7 KM North of Santa Elena.

We were picked up from our hotel just before 8.00 am. After picking up some other people, we headed up into the Cloud Forests.

The weather was good to us (ie it didn't rain) and so we managed to stretch out the 3 KM walk to tale 2 3/4 hours. Normally that would take some doing , but we thoroughly enjoyed investigating all the the forest trail offered to us to see.

The bridges themselves were eight sturdy structures. All were solid suspension bridges - I do not like heights, yet found crossing. The bridges absolutely fine. Some were very long (over 200M / 600 ft) and most were so high up over the tree tops that one couldn't tell how far it was to the ground.

Following a quick coffee & cake, we then paid a further $5 each (on top of the $25 already paid for the Hanging Bridges), to visit the Humming Birsd garden.

Without doubt the best $5 spent all holiday. I will post some pictures when I get home.

Once dropped off near the hotel, I then walked Towards Monteverde proper. By that, I mean the site of the original Quaker settlement - the main town is actually Santa Elena.

I had a yummy lunch at the Paso de Stella visitor centre and fleetingly called into The Monteverde Cheese Factory shop.

A busy day.

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