Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Down from the hills

Today saw us leaving the Cloud Forests of Monteverde and head out of the cool dampness to the hot and humid Western (Pacific) coast.

We had chartered a mini-bus today as the public bus left at a thoroughly undesirable 4.00am. Before we got on board, we saw our last local wildlife across the road - a woodpecker of some description.

As soon as we left Santa Elena the road became unpaved and remained so for the next hour or so - the bumps were punctuated by the most stunning scenery.

We lunched in Jaco, a tourist town on the coast and eventually reached our next accommodation in the mid-afternoon, just outside Quepos. Some in the group thought the accommodation was a little below par, but for three nights I thought it was OK, if a little disappointing for our final main destination of the holiday.

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