Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I forgot to mention that last night, as it was getting dark, I went for an organised night hike in the forest.

We did see a bit - a Porcupine up in a tree, a rather large Red Kneed Tarantula, a couple of tiny frogs and some birds asleep in the trees. The main thing to remember though was that throughout the 90 minute walk there was a continuous torrential downpour. Fortunately I had proper walking boots on and was wearing appropriate waterproofs, unlike some of my fellow explorers.

Today was a fairly quiet day - I went for a walk back down to Monteverde where there is a large co-operative souvenir shop which is well worth a visit. I then walked back to Santa Elena for some lunch before visiting the Ranario Frog Pond.

Here there were many species of frogs, mostly tiny, in fairly large terraria. Thanks to my guide I did manage to see each species on offer. When I re-visited for my after dark free re-entry (self-guided) later, my frog spotting was much worse.

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