Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Success Story

For reasons I won't bore you with, I left our offices in Canary Wharf at 21.00 this evening.

I was in High Wycombe before 22.00 and in my front door at 22.18. Now that is a good result.

It was achieved by way of:
  • The Jubilee Line running really well,
  • A brisk walk from Baker Street to Marylebone,
  • Chiltern Railways offering their usual on-time service (NEVER expect their trains to run late!) and
  • My car not breaking down (it doesn't*).
You'll gather from these timings that it has been a little difficult finding the time to blog over the last few days.

* Yet (touch wood)

1 comment:

James UK said...

Nice one.

It's a shame but it's the "perfect" journeys like this when you see it can be done, that make the crappy "delayed as usual" ones even worse!