Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There I was at lunch time today at Waterloo. I had just got off the Northern Line and was turning the corner to go onto the travelator in the direction of the Jubilee Line.

I don't know whether it was a he or a she. You can't always tell by appearances. Anyhow our paths crossed right on the corner. We made eye contact.

It was certainly a surprise. I jumped and I think they did too. Neither of us said anything - I carried on my way while my friend did too, carefully trying to keep out of the limelight.

The problem is, I can't remember my friend's name. It might have been Mickey or possibly Minnie. I'm really not sure.

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James UK said...

I read somewhere that in a study they found that each station has it's "own" mice, in the sense that they never travel further a field than their own station. You'd think they'd go down the line a bit to breed, wouldn't you?

Oh, wasn't this, was it? ;-)