Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bloody Argos!

I see something I want to buy, my local branch of Argos has one of it in stock, I reserve it on-line.

The store closes at 18.00.

I jump on the train, I walk to the shop and I get there at 17.55.

The cretins have locked the doors and the lights are dimmed.

Anybody who went to their bank to find they had closed five minutes early would be justified in complaining. I am pretty annoyed at Argos in High Wycombe.

I have complained to their Customer Services department. It won't achieve anything, but it reduces my ire slightly.



James UK said...

Know what you mean about "won't do any good"...

All you ever get back (if anything) is one of those dreadful "sentence picker" letters and you just know that your issue has been simply "filed"... in the bin...with no one who matters ever seeing it.. :-(

Al said...

I can sort of see the logic behind them doing that. It's unlikely that someone would be in and out within 5 minutes, particularly if they're as slow as the lot in the branch here so perhaps they close the doors early to prevent people still being in the shop after 6pm.

Doesn't make it right though, if the opening hours state that they're open until 6pm you should be able to go in until then. Only after that time should they stop people entering.

James UK said...

Al, I'm glad you dropped by here... I was trying to find that photo of mine on Flickr where we were talking about buying stuff at Argos, but I can't locate it? Any ideas?


Central User said...

Thanks. Both of you were right.... standard letter response quoted below - totally missed the point about closing early.

Al - I think you reached the same conclusion as me.
"Thank you for your email about cancelling the above reservation. All reservations are held until the store closes on the following day. If the goods are not purchased before this time, they will automatically be returned to stock. In the meantime, I have not cancelled this reservation in case you decide to collect the item(s) as originally planned."

James UK said...


I especially hate the "cover all" phrasing in that... like;

"Thank you for your querie(s)."
"The item(s)"

So obviously a template...