Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Always one to follow the crowd, tonight I went to see the latest James Bond film. Me and five other people were all that were there.

Actually, considering it wasn't an Ian Fleming story, I thought it was a pretty good continuation of the genre. An excellent game of Word Association, a young Q (Ben Whishaw from 'The Hour'), all the expected action and characters and a dramatic ending.

Naturally there is a requirement to suspend belief - it is a work of fiction, but nonetheless realistic enough. London's geography (and the underground network) gets a bit screwed up, geographically speaking, but everything is recognisable.

Daniel Craig is as good as ever and Dame Judi Dench is always good on screen. And of course there is Moneypenny. Rather nice.

If you haven't yet been to see the film on the big screen, I recommend that you do. It won't be so good on the rectangle in the corner of your living room.

There seem to be a few interesting films doing the rounds at present, so I may have to tie up a few more evenings in the near future.

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