Friday, August 26, 2011

It looks as though I was overly optimistic

Last night I posted as to how well advanced the Chiltern Railways track replacement work was, out in my part of rural Buckinghamshire.

I spoke too soon, for it seems as though the commissioning of the new signalling system is taking rather longer than was hoped. The actually engineering work seems pretty much done - nobody wants a train to crash into the back of another because the driver saw a green light when it should really have been red.

Chiltern Railways have dusted off a contingency plan for Sunday (when trains were supposed to have started running again on the line through High Wycombe). Those planned trains will no longer run.

So far as I can see, this is a summary of what will be happening this Sunday (28th August 2011):

  •  Hourly train service from Aylesbury Vale Parkway to Amersham. Passengers will have to transfer to London Underground services there which will be train to Northwood, bus to Wembley Park and train again to Baker Street;
  • Hourly train services from Birmingham to each of Bicester North and Oxford;
  • Bus services from Bicester North to West Ruislip (for connection to the Central Line*)

* Don't forget, it's the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend.
Details of the changes, along with timetables, may be found on the 'Changes' page of the Chiltern Railways website.

That's messed up my plans for Sunday!

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