Sunday, August 28, 2011

Couldn't be bothered - The Chesham Shuttle lives again

Here in the UK it's a lazy long bank holiday weekend.

That means over-running engineering works (courtesy of Chiltern Railways) and normal engineering works (courtesy lots of others).

The bonus is that for today and tomorrow, the four car Chesham Shuttle is running between Chalfont & Latimer and Chesham on the Metropolitan Line.

It is quite difficult to get to as Chiltern Railways are only running trains between Aylesbury Vale Parkway and Amersham once an hour, the Metropolitan Line has a bus break between Wembley Park and Northwood, and the shuttle itself is only running every forty minutes.

This all conspires to mean that it would have taken me forever to get to Chalfont & Latimer and to have actually managed to get on the train. To be frank, I was in Amersham and couldn't be bothered to go the one last stop once I'd realised how un-joined up the timetable was.

Instead, you'll have to make do with these pictures I took on the 'Last Day' of the shuttle, in December 2010.

I did like the way that somebody took the trouble to make a commemorative headboard.

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