Sunday, September 09, 2012

Life moves on

This has been a good Summer for London.
Time that has been a long  while coming.
Tens of millions of people's expectations have been exceeded.
Thousands of people have had their hopes dashed.

There have been two flames at the heart of the most recent memories.
Tonight the second of those two flames will be extinguished.
The cauldron will then be dismantled.
Two hundred and four scorched petals to be despatched to every corner of the planet.
They will never be reunited.

The petals will move on, as life moves on.

The World will remember London in 2012.
The heat.
The rain.
The people.
The celebrations.

The endeavours.

The World has been reminded what we are about.
This land is full of good.
This planet is full of good.
The flames have been temporary.
The Games have been temporary.
They have helped remind us how to feel good.

Celebrate and move on.

Life moves on.

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Mo said...

Ah we are all missing the thrill the olympics gave us