Thursday, May 03, 2012

Tippety tap, Tippety tap

On the usual early train to work.Last stop before London. I look for seat and find one.

Oh no! It's that woman.

Tippety tap.

"Woman"? No, not a sexist comment, more a statement of fact regarding an individual with exceedingly long painted nails.

Tippet tap.

Working on a lap top. Fair enough.

Tippety tap.

Wearing earphones (can't hear any noise overflow), fair enough.

Tippety tap.

All else in the carriage is silent.

Tippety tap Tippety tap.

I can't help but feel that the individual sitting opposite me is wearing headphone so that she does not need to listen to the sound of her tainted painted calcium enriched shards hammering into the keyboard of her inevitably soon to be replaced computer.

Tippety tap. Tippety tap. Tippety tap.

And you know the worst thing? I think she is employed by same company that I work for.

Tippety tap.

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