Sunday, April 17, 2011

Democracy at work in the Chilterns

In my part of the country (rural Buckinghamshire), there are three sets of voting taking place on 5th May.

Elections to the Parish Council were due to take place. There will be no vote in this Parish, because there are fewer valid nominations than there are seats on the council.

Elections to the District Council were due to take place. The current representative of my ward (a hard working and caring individual) is not standing for re-election for family & work related reasons. Another resident of the ward has been found to stand instead of the departing incumbent. There will be no vote because just the one valid nomination has been received. A virtually unknown person will therefore be elected, with no public scrutiny, presumably because nobody could be bothered to do anything else.

The third vote taking place on 5th May is a referendum to decide on the voting system to be used for future parliamentary elections.

I suspect that few round here really care. That's a shame.

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