Monday, January 10, 2011

Better than expected

Happy New Year!

For reasons I won't bore you with, this evening I travelled out form Marylebone to Wendover, a small town in the Chilterns, just South of Aylesbury.

I caught the 1716, which runs fast to Great Missenden. There has been a bit of on-line grumbling recently about overcrowding and short-formed trains. So, as I wandered down to Platform 4, I groaned to myself when I saw that the train was to be formed of only two carriages.

It is however pleasing to report that nobody on the train had to stand (they may have stood, but there was no need to), and it arrived at Wendover only 1 minute late - not bad given that Chiltern Railways trains run the gauntlet of sharing track with the Metropolitan Line for much of the way.

All in all quite a pleasant journey.

Oh, and I've added a Twitter feed to the right - I hope it doesn't distract too much.

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