Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change of Routine

After almost a decade of the same 'tail end' of my journey to work (except when carrying out tube avoidance manoeuvres), I have been trying a new route to work.

The crossrail construction work at Tottenham Court Road station means that my usual walking routes to the office have been blocked and, as a creature of habit, I find this frustrating.

My fresh alternative involves catching the Bakerloo Line to Piccadilly Circus and then walking up through Soho. The thing is, when the Bakerloo is running well, it is 10 minutes quicker door-to-door than my previous tube route. Duh! Why has it taken me so long to work that one out?

Oh, and it also means that tube avoidance has gone out of the window as walking most of the way from Marylebone now takes 20 minutes longer. I'll have to find an alternative exercise routine.

1 comment:

James UK said...

It’s like you say though.. it all depends on everything running well.

When I've watched those TV documentaries where people have tried to break the record for visiting all the stations on the underground the quickest, you always seem to find they are going to "do" it with time to spare, then some "never happens in a million years" problem occurs and scuppers their attempt.

I think there's even walking from each tube-stop guides on the 'web somewhere... I'm sure I looked at them once...