Saturday, November 29, 2008

My camera skills are getting worse

Actually, not only are my camera skills going downhill, but things have got so bad that tonight I couldn't even remember how to use my Digital SLR.

So, I proudly present an incredibly lousy video of a steam train traveling down the Chiltern Line a few minutes ago:

Why is it truncated? Because the memory card on the spare camera was full and I didn't know!

The funny thing was when a northbound Chiltern Railways Clubman stopped at a red signal on the Northbound platform just before the steam train was due. You had to smile at the sight of all the real enthusiasts really panicking as their carefully framed photographic angles were suddenly blocked. Cruel.


James UK said...

Reminds me of that much-played "You've been framed!" clip of the space enthusiasts who were granted permission to watch a shuttle launch from a restricted area, and who were filimg the launch without realising their camera was pointing the wrong way!

Central User said...

Thanks James - a proper video has now been uploaded by a friend. Far more evocative of the age of steam.