Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Demographics - Comparing & Contrasting the Passengers

I am beginning to settle into the longer journey from the trees and valleys of Buckinghamshire.

Fortunately my new home is not at the bottom of a dip so it ought to take a real Noye's Fludde to force me out of house and home. My commiserations to all those affected by the recent flooding. Buckingham was hit by a flash flood last week, but it has received little mention due to the overwhelming scale of the problems elsewhere.

This morning I changed onto the Central Line at West Ruislip rather than travel all the way into London Marylebone with Chiltern Railways.
  • Generally speaking I would say that about 80% of my peak time fellow travellers on Chiltern wear office clothes of some description
  • Getting on the Central Line in West London today, just before the busiest bit of the morning peak, I would say that 80% of my fellow passengers were not sporting collars or any near equivalent
I merely point out the contrast- as someone who commuted daily on the Central Line for 18 years, the state of peoples' clothing was something I had simply not noticed.

My train travels through some really smart (and expensive) places such as Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross, though I should point out that I board well before...

It doesn't take the Brain of Britain to work out that a greater proportion of the people living in those places are likely to work in well paid office jobs than, say, the general population of West London suburbia. Nevertheless I have been surprised by the contrast in attire of the passengers on the two lines used today.

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